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How to Clean Solar Bollard Lights Outdoor?

View: 190407/28/2021  

Nowadays, energy conservation and emission reduction has become a social consensus, and solar bollard lights outdoor have begun to gradually replace traditional street lights, not only because solar bollard lights outdoor are more energy-saving than traditional street lights, but also because they have more use advantages and can meet the needs of users. So how to clean solar bollard lights outdoor? To solve this problem, let's introduce it in detail.

How to Clean Solar Bollard Lights Outdoor?

1. Solar bollard lights outdoor are generally dusty. When cleaning, wipe them with a wet cloth. Keep the movement in the same direction. Do not rub them back and forth. The strength should be moderate, especially for chandeliers and wall lamps.

2. Clean the interior of the lamp. When cleaning the bulb, turn off the lamp first. When wiping, you can remove the bulb separately for wiping. If you clean the lamp directly, do not rotate the bulb clockwise to avoid the lamp cap from peeling off.

3. Due to the long-term accumulation of dust on the solar garden lamp's panel, it has a certain impact on the solar panel's absorption of sunlight, and it is easy to form a short circuit of a series of cells when the panel has a shaded surface. However, generally, the solar garden light does not need to be cleaned, because the panel will be washed clean when it rains. If it doesn't rain for a long time, Occasionally, it still needs cleaning.

4. In case of wind, rain, rain, hail, snow, etc., measures shall be taken to protect the solar cell array to avoid injury. The control room and battery shall be free of indoor water. After the storm, the equipment shall be checked for normal operation, and the charge discharge controller shall be damaged, etc. The daylighting of the solar cell array should always be kept clean, gently wipe it with clean gauze water, and do not wash it with hard objects or corrosive solvents.

5. If the traffic flow on the road where the solar garden light is located is relatively large, the maintenance personnel should often check the battery pack. Because if the traffic flow on the road is large, the dust in the gray air is also appropriate. It will cause a lot of dust to accumulate on the battery pack, so clean it regularly, otherwise the long-term accumulation of dust will cause the battery pack to fail to work normally. And it also has a great impact on the service life of the battery, which may directly lead to failure of operation.

The above cleaning methods for solar bollard lights outdoor are shared here. Solar bollard lights outdoor do not need to support additional electricity charges, and have a longer service life. Moreover, in the process of operation, it is more independent and easier to be controlled under the condition of rapid scientific and technological development.

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