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Causes of Solar Bollard Garden Lights Failure

View: 283307/21/2021  

With the implementation of urban reconstruction and construction, solar bollard garden lights are more and more distributed in every corner of the city, mainly used in urban lanes, rural lanes, residential areas, famous tourist attractions, squares and parks, and other public places. But after the solar bollard garden lights are installed, if it is not maintained regularly, there will be some failures. So what is the reason for the failure of the solar bollard garden lights? 

Causes of Solar Bollard Garden Lights Failure

1. Unreasonable design

When designing solar bollard garden lights, we must pay attention to their particularity and rationality. Generally, larger manufacturers have draftsmen, technicians, designers, and various elites. After drawing the drawings, they will consider whether the lamp is beautiful and reasonable, and then start processing and production. But in some small factories, there is no draftsman or designer, just ask someone to draw a drawing for you, and then start production.

In the case of unreasonable design, solar bollard garden lights is very easy to have problems, especially in some coastal areas, if you want to buy street lamps, you must find a reputable manufacturer to design street lamps with strong wind resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. The materials are not up to standard

solar bollard garden lights will not fail for no reason, in fact, the main reason is that the material is not qualified. Many unscrupulous businessmen reduce the price of solar bollard garden lights, boasting about how good the quality will be, but in fact, they really get what they pay for. Although we may not be able to see whether the solar bollard garden lights will fail in a short time, if the quality is not high enough, there will be problems when it is used for a long time, such as the battery is not durable, the light source is damaged, or some other problems.

3. Poor construction quality

solar bollard garden lights in the installation, the staff is not careful, may also cause solar bollard garden lights failure. For example, if solar bollard garden lights are installed on rainy days, because the solar panels can't absorb sunlight, they will only consume electricity without charging. In addition, during the construction, the staff must bear in mind that the solar bollard garden lights should not be installed under the shelter, let alone indoors. They must bear in mind that the solar bollard garden lights panel should absorb enough sunlight to generate electricity.

The construction is technical work. If you don't pay attention to it a little, it will lead to the problems of solar bollard garden lights. However, these problems will be found after inspection, and they should be found and dealt with as soon as possible.

In addition to the above reasons, we also need to pay attention to whether there is a deviation in the orientation of the solar panel, whether the battery is resistant to high temperature and cold, and so on. If we find the problem as soon as possible, we should deal with it as soon as possible.

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