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The characteristics and advantages of solar bollard lights outdoor

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solar bollard lights outdoor using aluminum alloy lamp body, the entire lamp body integrated monocrystalline silicon solar panels, lithium batteries, intelligent controller, infrared or microwave sensors and LED light-emitting lamp beads in one of the lamps, intelligent lighting, easy installation and other features, is widely used in: remote places countryside, mountain roads, desert areas, rural, urban and rural areas, outdoor activities, travel and other types of night activities and road lighting, the following is the characteristics of solar bollard lights outdoor nature and advantages of the introduction:.

solar bollard lights outdoor

The characteristics of solar bollard lights outdoor.

1, integrated design, no wire pulling, extremely easy to install, provide a variety of installation methods, lamp posts taken from local materials, can be iron posts, wood, bamboo, plastic, etc., low cost.

2, using solar power supply, LED lighting, the perfect combination of the two, saving electricity and protecting the earth's resources.

3, the use of high-capacity long-life lithium batteries, high temperature characteristics, long service life, to ensure the service life of the entire product.

4、Rainproof structure, safe and reliable.

5, the use of alloy materials as the main body of the structure, with good anti-rust, anti-corrosion function.

6, the product with infrared body sensor probe, when someone approaches, the light will be fully lit for 40 seconds, when people walk away, the light will automatically reduce to 1/3 brightness, effective power saving.

Advantages of solar bollard lights outdoor.

1、It can be installed independently without digging trenches, burying wires and backfilling, saving construction costs.

2, no need to purchase electricity capacity enhancement equipment, saving the cost of the corresponding supporting equipment expenses.

3, solar bollard lights outdoor can be fully automatic control, no personnel management, saving management expenses.

4, to the sun for energy, do not use conventional electric energy, save operating costs.

5, easy maintenance, no electric shock accidents, safe to use.

6、Energy saving: sunlight conversion to provide electricity, inexhaustible.

7, environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation.

8, safety: the use of voltage of 12V ~ 36V, no electric shock, fire and other accidents.

outdoor solar street light

9, convenient: simple installation, no need to erect lines or "open" digging construction, there is no power outage power restrictions, in places where no utility power is also applicable.

10, long life: the use of high-efficiency energy-saving lamp light source, strong luminous efficiency, tributary low voltage, long-term durability.

11, less investment: no need to pay electricity bills, no tracking maintenance, low operating and maintenance costs.

12, wide application: can be used in places with sunlight, applicable to city squares, neighborhoods, schools, factories, villages, seaside baths, scenic spots, mountainous areas, isolated islands and other lighting projects.

13、Great recycling value: the solar panels and batteries under replacement can be recycled and reused.

14, high grade: green, environmental protection, energy saving, high-tech, is the image of the use of units, grade, a symbol of taste.

15, solar bollard lights outdoor to avoid the utility lighting fixtures due to the quality of construction, the transformation of the landscape project, aging materials, power supply is not normal, the conflict of water and electricity gas pipelines and many other safety risks.
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