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Mistakes About Purchasing Solar Bollard Garden Lights

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The appearance of solar bollard garden lights makes the rural areas where cable laying is not easy, and there is also more warm protection. People who are busy or returning home at night have a little more peace of mind and beautify the rural roads. However, the installation of solar bollard garden lights costs not a small amount. Therefore, the control of solar energy quality must be careful. The following mistakes should be avoided in the purchase:

Mistakes About Purchasing Solar Bollard Garden Lights

1. On the quality of brightness

When many people buy solar bollard garden lights, the first word to go to the business is to see the brightness of solar bollard garden lights, and the brighter they feel is the better. In fact, it is a little bit of a general. Most of the solar bollard garden lights are led road lights, and their own brightness is much more than that of traditional street lights. But the brightness of light can not see whether its quality is the best, but depends on the overall configuration.

2. Just look at the price

Many people choose solar bollard garden lights always choose the lowest price, but a cent a cent of goods, the lowest price is really good? Is the quality really guaranteed? The lower the price, the lower the configuration. The higher the price, the higher the configuration, to a large extent. In short, it is not appropriate to simply look at the price of solar garden lamp, because it is understood that its overall configuration, and then the goods compare with three, and choose the right street lamp.

3. Ignore radiator

When purchasing solar garden lamp, it will be noticed that the lighting effect is involved in brightness, efficiency, lighting time and other aspects. However, the problem of heat dissipation will be ignored. If not, it will affect the service life of solar courtyard lamp.

Solar courtyard lamps often have three ways of cooling:

First, heat transfer plate, through a conductor, will generate heat outside the lamp, equivalent to increase the heat dissipation area, heat source evenly temperature off;

Second, heat dissipation of heat sink, which is installed in the lamp head, but after all, it is an additional device. Although it has the heat dissipation effect, it also increases the weight, and in the case of strong wind and other weather, there will be a risk of blowing and falling;

Third, needle cooling, this kind of heat dissipation device is small in volume, and is not easily affected by the external environment. The cooling effect is about 15% lower than that of the ordinary one, and the waterproof property is also very good. The effect is still very good. The solar garden lamp in the South mainly adopts this kind of heat dissipation device, which can effectively guarantee the service life of street lamp.

4. Different power used

Because solar courtyard lamp can be controlled intelligently, it can be adjusted manually according to its own needs in different time periods, so its rated power is different.

5. Despise after-sales service guarantee

As long as it is street lights, there will always be failures, and these lamps fail not only because of the quality of the street lamps themselves, but also depends on the local weather. No one wants to buy their own solar garden lamp failure, even if there is a failure, do not want to pay for maintenance? Since that is the case, we can not ignore the after-sales service guarantee of solar garden lamp. When buying solar bollard garden lights, you must choose more reputable businesses.

The above mistakes about purchasing solar bollard garden lights are shared here. In short, if you want to choose solar bollard garden lights with high cost performance, the above 5 points must be known, so as to select the appropriate model according to the actual needs, and avoid waste or affect the use.

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