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The Advantages of Solar Insecticidal Light

View: 91106/28/2021  

The Advantages of Solar Insecticidal Light:

The Advantages of Solar Insecticidal Light

As we all know, pests do great harm to plant growth and can occur in a wide range of fields. Basically, pests can occur in all kinds of orchards, vegetable bases, tea gardens, organic rice, cotton, flowers, forest farms, tobacco and other plant growth areas. Although the understanding of pests, but for its prevention and control is still difficult, especially now people pay more attention to the quality and safety of agricultural products, so we can not use too much pesticides for pest control. How can we effectively control insect pests? Solar insecticidal light is a very good choice. Compared with ordinary insecticidal lamp, the advantage of solar insecticidal light is that it is not limited by the power supply problem, and can be used in a wider range of fields.

Solar insecticidal light is powered by solar energy, so there is no need to set up lines. It is more convenient to install. It only needs to pay attention to the actual installation height and lighting control area. For pest control of peanut field and other low crops, the bottom of the lamp should be less than 1 meter from the ground; For pest control in cotton fields and other similar crops, the height should be more than 1.5 meters. If the pest is lured in various orchards, it should be more than 50 cm above the top of the tree crown. For pest control in forests, because the trees in the forest area are relatively tall and the phenomenon that the tree crowns block the lights is serious, the pest control lights should be moved to an open area 150-200 meters away from the forest area, The trapping effect will be very significant, and it is conducive to the insecticidal lamp absorbing solar energy to supplement the power supply. When determining the specific location of each lamp, we should consider that it does not affect agricultural activities and is convenient for management and maintenance. Generally, it should be installed on the roadside or ridge. In rice and wheat planting areas, the insecticidal lamp should be installed on the grass beside the field, dry land, roadside and ditch as far as possible, so as to reduce the concentrated damage of net leakage pests to rice under the lamp. At the same time to determine the distance between the lights, it is best to integrate into a piece, which can strengthen the control area of the light, strengthen the effect of killing pests.

The advantages of solar insecticidal light can be summarized as follows: it can reduce the use of pesticides, reduce the harm of pesticides to the planting environment and the quality of agricultural products, help to produce green and pollution-free agricultural products, improve the market competitiveness, and bring more benefits to users. At the same time, because the instrument uses solar power supply, it can be installed in a wide range of areas, reducing the cost of electricity, green environmental protection.

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