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How to Maintain Solar Insecticidal Light

View: 57706/26/2021  

As an important plant protection instrument for physical pest control in modern agricultural production, solar insecticidal light is essential for daily maintenance in the process of use. Users who buy and install solar insecticidal light experience the insecticidal benefits brought by solar insecticidal light, and hope that solar insecticidal light can continuously carry out pest control. At this time, we will carry out the maintenance work of solar insecticidal light. How to correctly maintain the solar insecticidal light industry has become the key work of users.

How to Maintain Solar Insecticidal Light

Long term maintenance:

1. In winter, the insecticidal lamp should be stored (the positive and negative input wires on the electrical box at the bottom of the insecticidal lamp should be removed from No. 5 and No. 6 terminals), the body of the insecticidal lamp should be wiped clean, packed and stored, and the box should be covered with thick plastic cloth.

2. Clean the dust on the solar panel regularly, and wipe the layout with a wet cloth once every 1-2 months in southern China; Swab once a month in the north.

3. Insect trapping lamps will produce light decay and ultraviolet loss in the process of use. When the lamp is used for more than 2000 hours, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

4.3 in the middle and late of March, when the first generation of pests are about to emerge, it is necessary to thoroughly remove the dust on the surface of the solar panel, install the battery and insecticidal lamp body, and start the new year's work again.


Routine maintenance:

1. During the use season of the solar insecticidal light, it is necessary to clean up the pest corpses between the power grids in time with a brush, dump the pests in the insect box, and generally clean them once every three days (the specific operation can be determined according to the number of insects hanging on the power grid in different periods), so as to avoid the long-term short circuit caused by the pest corpses connecting to the adjacent positive and negative high voltage power grids, damaging the electronic components of the lamp body or damaging the plastic parts of the lamp body by spontaneous combustion, Even cause fire accidents. The automatic control and protection device of solar insecticidal light is suitable for normal working condition. When repairing or replacing the lamp tube and other parts, the main power supply must be turned off first, and live maintenance is strictly prohibited.

2. When the insects begin to sleep in the cold late autumn or winter, and it is not necessary to use the solar insecticidal light to control the number of insect groups, the lamp body and battery can be removed and moved into the room to avoid the damage to the lamp body and battery life caused by the bad weather in winter. Before the battery is removed, the manual switch of the lamp body should be turned off for 3 sunny days to ensure that the battery is in full charge and is removed. The colloidal battery has a self-discharge phenomenon. If it is stored in the room for more than 3 months, it must be charged once. Milk battery can not be charged for one year.

3. In case of continuous rainy weather, the solar panel can not charge the battery effectively, and the under-voltage of battery feeding can not maintain the normal operation of the lamp body, the manual switch on the lamp body can be turned off. When the weather is clear and the battery is fully charged, the manual switch can be turned on to avoid excessive discharge of the battery and prolong the service life of the battery.

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