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11 Traps of Solar Bollard Garden Lights Manufacturer

View: 92506/24/2021  

With solar energy becoming more and more popular, more and more people began to buy solar bollard garden lights products, and the market for solar bollard garden lights has expanded rapidly. But at the same time, the price of solar bollard garden lights varies, which dazzles consumers. Therefore, when purchasing solar bollard garden lights, we should pay attention to avoid falling into the trap of manufacturers, which are shown in the following aspects:

Traps of Solar Bollard Garden Lights Manufacturer

1.Low end chip. The LED lamp is the core of the chip, directly determines the performance of the lamp! However, some bad manufacturers use the customers' non-professional, consider the cost, use low-cost chips, so that customers can buy low-quality products with high unit price, resulting in direct economic losses, and serious quality hazards to LED lamps.

2.High standard and low distribution. The false standard parameters of the poor manufacturer, such as power virtual standard, reduction of lamp pole thickness, etc. Reducing configuration is difficult to discover in normal circumstances. This is also used by bad manufacturers to reduce prices. The main means of disrupting the market.

3.Poor heat dissipation design. The lifetime of semiconductor devices decreases by multiple every 10 degrees of the junction temperature of the LED chip. It can be said that heat dissipation is an important guarantee to ensure the life and quality of LED street lamps. In this respect, the poor manufacturers mainly adopt the means of stealing work and reducing materials to reduce costs. This harm can not be found in the first use, generally, it needs to be used for a period of time before it can be seen.

4.Chip brand and quality. LED chip directly determines the performance and price of lamps! Some bad businesses use the customers' unprofessional, use small manufacturers' chips as famous brand manufacturers' chips, or the low-grade chips of the same manufacturer pretend to be high-quality chips such as copper wire connection and gold wire connection, which deceive consumers to cause customers to buy low-cost products at a high price.

5.Poor heat dissipation design. In terms of heat dissipation design, the lifetime of semiconductor devices decreases by multiple every 10 degrees of increase of PN junction temperature of the LED chip. Because of the high brightness requirements of solar bollard garden lights, the use environment is more stringent. If the heat dissipation is not solved well, led aging will be caused quickly and the stability will be reduced.

Traps of Solar Bollard Garden Lights Manufacturer

6.Power quality. The price and quality of the power supply have a great relationship with the design and the selection of internal electrical components, not the light can be on. In this respect, the phenomenon of inferior and good is more.

7.The harmful substances in the light source exceed the standard. LED light source blacking is a problem that led companies often encounter, the main reason is. There are substances in the components of lamps that greatly affect the life of the light source.

8.Confuse concepts. For example, solar bollard garden lights can be adjusted to use power generally. Some manufacturers do not use power because of unknown customer conditions, simply say lighting time to deceive consumers.

9.The design of the optical distribution system is sacrificed to reduce cost. The cost of the defective manufacturer is to be reduced. The lighting effect is seriously affected by changing or even canceling the lighting system. The problems such as "light under the light", "black under lamp", "zebra crossing", "uneven illumination", "yellow circle" and so on are caused. And these phenomena are not professional tests of professionals that are difficult to find.

10.Configure the virtual label. The heat of solar bollard garden lights is also accompanied by the decrease in price profit. The fierce competition also leads to the situation that many solar bollard garden lights manufacturers begin to steal the work and reduce materials and virtual standard product parameters. The light source wattage, the number of solar panel watts, battery capacity, and even the solar pole materials are in trouble. Of course, this is also the result of repeated comparison of prices by customers, and the low price requirements, and also related to the practices of some manufacturers.

11. Copper wire is used as gold wire and controller problem. Many LED manufacturers try to develop copper alloy, gold-clad silver alloy wire, silver alloy wire to replace the expensive gold wire. Although these alternatives are superior to gold wire in some properties, they are far worse in chemical stability, such as silver wire and gold-clad silver alloy wire are prone to sulfur/chlorine/bromination corrosion, and copper wire is easy to oxidize and vulcanize. For the package silica gel similar to the water-absorbing and ventilating sponge, these alternatives make bonding wire more vulnerable to chemical corrosion, the reliability of the light source is reduced, and the use time is long, and LED lamp beads are more likely to break the line and die of light. In the aspect of solar bollard garden lights controller, if the controller fails, during the test and inspection, the phenomena of "the whole lamp off", "switch lamp not on time", "partial damage", "individual led bead dead light" and "the whole lamp flashing and false light" will appear.

The above-mentioned about the solar bollard garden lights to pay attention to which traps to share here, homogenization of competition will inevitably lead to a price war, but also inevitable emergence of bad manufacturers "monkey business" sales, harm consumers, so in the purchase of these "trap" must be careful.

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