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How to Deal with the Leakage of 15W Solar Street Light?

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Nowadays, the development of 15W solar street light is getting better and better, gradually replacing the traditional street lamp. Because of its energy saving and environmental protection, and save human and material resources, so both urban and rural areas are very popular with 15W solar street lights. Especially in rural areas, all kinds of facilities are not perfect, so 15W solar street light is a good choice. However, there may be some unforeseen problems in the use of 15W solar street lights, such as water leakage. How to deal with the leakage of 15W solar street light?

How to Deal with the Leakage of 15W Solar Street Light?

Ask the company's technical personnel to understand the fault performance of the system. You can also refer to the literature to learn the solutions of 15W solar street lights at home and abroad. Test method. Test the parameters of the 15W solar street light system, analyze the causes of failure, 15W solar street light controller is usually installed in the lamp pole, in rainy and snowy weather, easy to cause water, resulting in short circuit controller. Check whether there is voltage and current output when the battery panel is working in the daytime. If not, the battery board is damaged and needs to be replaced. If there is no problem above, check the light source, only connect the power supply to the light source to see if it is on. When the system light lasts for a short time, the storage capacity of the battery is generally reduced. At this time, the battery should be replaced. When the system light flashes, first check whether there is poor contact on the circuit.


Surface treatment. Use an angle grinder to remove the scale on the surface of the leakage position, then use an electric grinder to clean the surface of the right angle weld, then use sandpaper to clean the exposed metal, and then use anhydrous ethanol to clean the surface thoroughly. Mix the repair materials evenly until there is no color difference with the integrated 15W solar street light. When 15W solar street light is used for outdoor lighting, it often meets the weather of high temperature, rainy, low temperature, rain and snow. The controller of 15W solar street light is usually installed in the lamp post, which is easy to cause the short circuit phenomenon from water to controller. If it is very likely that the controller has been damaged and the battery voltage is not measured again, for example, in the 12V solar street light power supply system, if the battery voltage is lower than 10.8V, the battery has no power and needs to be replaced. Then check whether the battery board has voltage and current output under normal working conditions.

Now 15W solar street light is widely used in modern city and urban construction because of its advantages. Moreover, 15W solar street lights will not often have problems, and their service life is relatively long.

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