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Why is the 15W solar stre​et light on for a short time at night?

View: 139504/09/2020  

Why is the 15W solar street light on for a short time at night?

The lighting time and power of the 15W solar street light are determined by the controller. The 15W solar street light has a battery to store the electric energy converted by the battery board. As long as there is electricity in it, it will light up naturally in the dark. Generally, they are factory set. Generally, there are three kinds of light control, time control and human body induction in the market.

15W solar street light

At the same time, the lighting time of the solar street light can also be set according to the user's requirements. For the same location, it is directly related to the selection of solar cell components and batteries. On the premise of determining the power of the light source, the larger the power of the solar cell module and the capacity of the battery, the longer the guaranteed lighting time, otherwise, the shorter the lighting time. The standard system configuration shall generally guarantee 5 to 10 hours of lighting every day.

Besides, there are many advantages to using solar street lights:

Convenient: the installation is simple, and there is no concern about power cut and power limitation;

Long life: high technology content, intelligent control system, intelligent design, reliable quality;

High grade: scientific and technological products, green energy, users attach great importance to science and technology, green image improvement, grade improvement; less investment: one-time investment and AC equivalent one-time investment, long-term use.

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