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Why is 15W Solar Street Light Short Circuited

View: 158704/15/2020  

15W solar street light is a kind of low-carbon and energy-saving street light product. It mainly relies on the solar panel to receive the energy converted from solar energy to illuminate. The installation is very simple and there will not be a large number of lines laid, so it is also very safe.

15W solar street light

But 15W solar street light will have a situation is inevitable - short circuit. As a common lighting tool, solar street light exercise road is a very influential thing in people's normal life, so why is solar street light short-circuited? Editor in the following summary of the solar street light short circuit phenomenon some of the reasons to share with you.

If the load rate of the solar street light exceeds the initial rated power, it is likely to cause a short circuit.

Besides, we also need to strengthen the inspection of the waterproof design of solar street lights, because some small parts at the interface of the waterproof treatment is not done well, water contact with electricity will cause a short circuit.

It may also be that some devices are improperly installed or the circuit board of the controller does not do three anti paint treatment. Rainwater flows along the line to the controller side for a short circuit. Therefore, during construction, it is necessary to make a U-shaped link line inside the controller end and make a U-shaped link line at the exposed position so that the rainwater will not flow down, but will be throttled outside the street light.

According to the above summary, I believe you have understood that the short circuit of solar street light is mainly due to the water entering, so to avoid the short circuit of solar street light is to do a good waterproof design and follow-up waterproof work of solar street light. Compared with ordinary street lights, solar street lights reduce the generation of lines, so the short circuit will also occur relatively less, which is the best choice for energy conservation and environmental protection.

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