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Illumination of solar street lamp just installed insufficient

View: 142804/02/2020  

We generally advise customers to install 15W solar street light in the daytime, rather than in the overcast. Because the commonly used 15W solar street light is lithium batteries, and lithium batteries are inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. In the process of transportation, if our electricity is too full, it may have the risk of spontaneous combustion or explosion in case of impact or big turbulence. Therefore, the battery manufacturers will not fully charge the batteries before sending them out, normally 30% - 50% is reserved electricity.

15W solar street light

Besides, in our integrated street light manufacturer, he will do a series of tests, such as capacitance, sorting and other processes, including standing still for a while, so the self-consumption of lithium battery is still relatively serious, so after all the lights are done, they will be sent to the customer's side, and the power of this light may only be 30% - 40%.

If this time catches up with the overcast skylights, then this light will work on the night, will inevitably affect the efficiency of the light, first of all, the brightness of the light is not very high, then the working hours will not be strictly following our factory debugging before so long. Besides, his persistence days will be reduced on rainy days, because the battery itself does not have a lot of power before leaving the factory.

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