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How to Choose Integrated 20w Solar Street Light

View: 41003/17/2020  

Now, because of its compact structure, convenient installation, convenient use, and many other advantages, the integrated 20W solar street light is more and more popular with the people. With various styles, configurations, complicated and confusing human eyes, how should we choose the integrated 20W solar street light that is suitable for our use and at a real price? What problems should we pay attention to in purchasing?

20W solar street light

First of all, the following elements should be determined when purchasing:

1. First of all, it depends on whether the installation location is well lit, whether the sunlight exposure time is sufficient, whether there is no sunlight can not generate electricity, and the sun blocking environment seriously affects the working efficiency of the solar system and can not install solar lights

2. It is necessary to observe the installation position, whether it is fixed on the wall or on the light pole, which determines the structure of the integrated solar light. The flange structure shall be used for fixing on the wall, and the hoop structure shall be used for the light pole.

3. Determine the power of the solar light according to the required illumination area, because the current solar street lights are all LED light sources, many people do not know their brightness, but it can be roughly understood that one watt of LED is far greater than ten watts of fluorescent light, twice the brightness of the energy-saving light.

4. According to the light power of the solar light to determine the size of the solar panel and the solar battery, this calculation is more complex, but it can require the manufacturer to give the calculation configuration, and the general high school graduates can also carry out the calculation unable.

According to the above requirements for selecting solar lights, we should pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

First, the actual working efficiency of the solar light. The power of the solar light is different from the actual working power. A 100-watt light can be adjusted to one watt or even lower, which should be paid special attention to

Second, pay attention to the actual capacity of solar panels and batteries. For example, the 12-volt system of solar panels is twice as efficient as the 6-volt system. The 10-volt system of battery 12 (actually 11.1) is equivalent to a 30 ah system of 3.7-volt system.

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