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Development of 20w Solar Street Light

View: 39703/17/2020  

More than ten years ago, a new product, 20W solar street light, appeared. Its function is mainly used for lighting as the traditional street light. The difference is that it doesn't cost electricity and is easy to install, but its price at that time was too high. Who would be willing to spend so much money on a light?

20W solar street light

1. Rising stage

The emergence of new scientific and technological products always attracts people's interest. However, due to the high investment in research and development, the price of scientific and technological products is more expensive, especially in the period when China's new energy was not very developed. One of the two most expensive components of a solar street light is a photovoltaic panel. Ten years ago, the price of the photovoltaic panel per Watt was nearly 50 yuan. In terms of the currency value at that time, it was equivalent to a sky-high price for ordinary people. Therefore, when the solar street light came out, the price made many people flinch.

2. Development stage

With the increasingly prominent global environmental problems, the country attaches more and more important to clean energy. It not only encourages the development of photovoltaic, wind power and other industries, but also introduces a series of subsidy policies for photovoltaic power generation. The solar street light market is bright, and a large number of entrepreneurs rush in. With the rapid development of clean energy, the status of solar street light is gradually revealed. The first is the application of LED, which is also an energy-saving and environmental protection product. When LED is applied to outdoor lighting on a large scale, the performance of solar street light has been greatly improved, followed by the improvement of conversion efficiency of photovoltaic panels and the "retreat" of a lead-acid battery. These changes make the solar street light become a real green product. From the beginning of no electricity, easy installation to energy conservation and environmental protection, the solar street light has completed a significant transformation.

Lithium solar street light

However, the price of solar street light has not been raised because of the rapid development of technology. Under the support of the national special subsidy policy and the fierce competition of various solar street light manufacturers, the price is falling instead.

3. Mature stage

Nowadays, there are many kinds of solar street lights, which are developing towards miniaturization, aesthetics, and intelligence. In different forms to provide people with lighting, such as solar garden lights, solar lawn lights, integrated solar street lights, landscape complementary street lights, hoop solar street lights, wall-mounted solar street lights

Surprisingly, the more mature the solar street light technology, the cheaper the price. Most engineering projects will also give priority to solar street lights because the power consumption of Engineering street lights is large. Although solar street lights need a certain amount of capital investment in the early stage, because it does not cost electricity, in the long run, the rate of return is very considerable, which is not only reflected in the economy, but also the environment.

From the development trend of the solar street light, the price and technology is an inverse relationship. The more mature the technology is, the more people-friendly the price is. The progress of science and technology has greatly reduced the production cost of products. With the support of science and technology, solar street light has realized efficient production, high quality and large output. In the near future, the price of solar street light will continue to change with the development of science and technology. The once unattainable street light is gradually becoming a green product available to everyone.

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