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Why the Solar Street Lights for Home So Popular

View: 3003/17/2020  

Solar street lights for home is a kind of outdoor lighting equipment, which usually refers to road lighting lights. There are five main parts of the equipment, namely light source, light, light pole, flange, and foundation embedded parts. There are many kinds of solar street lights for homes, which can be customized in size and height and can be beautified according to personal beauty.

The solar street lights for home have the characteristics of maintenance-free, power saving, low power and no need for manual participation. Let's see what the advantages of the street light are.

solar street lights for home

1. Green, environment-friendly and energy conservation

The power of the street light is small, and the maximum power is 12W. Compared with ordinary lights, it has no light tube, so it will not contain mercury, lead, and other harmful elements. At the same time, its recycling and utilization are also very convenient and can be recycled, so it is very in line with the characteristics of green and environmental protection.

2. Light health and vision protection

Solar street lights for home manufacturers this street light has the advantage of protecting eyesight. Compared with ordinary street lights, it uses direct current, so it will not appear stroboscopic phenomenon, and will not stimulate the eyes. Although its light efficiency is high, these lights are not strong. No matter old people or children can use it at ease, it will not produce radiation.

3. Long service life

The service life of solar street lights for home is 42000 hours longer than that of an ordinary energy-saving street light. Although it will be higher than the price of an ordinary energy-saving street light at the time of purchase, it has a long service life and the average value is very practical and affordable.

To sum up, these are the advantages of solar garden lights. Besides, they have the advantages of high safety factors, stable operation and the use of light-controlled automatic switch systems. I believe that they will be better and better in future development.

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