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How to Detect if the 15W Solar Street Light is Short Circuit

View: 105606/17/2021  

15W solar street light is widely used in our life now. They can be seen in cities or rural areas, trunk roads or country roads, scenic spots or courtyards, which brings great convenience to our life at night. However, 15W solar street light is easily affected by the environment due to their long-term exposure, such as short circuit problems. So how to detect the 15W solar street light short circuit?

How to Detect if the 15W Solar Street Light is Short Circuit 

1. DC resistance detection method

In many cases, the 15W solar street light fault is caused by the short circuit in the 15W solar street light. In order to solve this problem, the common method is DC resistance method. The distribution of 15W solar street light line is uniform, and the road lamp divides the line into 40 m sections. In the three-phase four wire system, generally a circuit does not exceed 20 base 15W solar street lights, numbered as No. 1, No. 2, No. 3... No. 18, No. 19, No. 20, and each phase has an average of 7 base 15W solar street lights. For example, phase A is No.1, No.4, No.7, No.10, No.13, No.16, No.19, and phase B, phase C and so on. According to the principle of "1 / 2 distance", use a multimeter to monitor the cable, monitor the 1 / 2 point (midpoint) of the cable, then monitor the 1 / 2 point of the abnormal section, and then monitor the 1 / 2 point of the remaining abnormal section of the cable, and so on, gradually narrow the scope and determine the fault point of the cable.


2. Capacitance current limiting detection method

Compared with DC resistance detection method, capacitance current limiting detection method has obvious advantages, which can improve the detection efficiency. This method is relatively simple to use, and the choice of materials is also more convenient. In maintenance materials, capacitors need to be used all the time. When adopting this method, we should first determine the specific direction of the cable, and then remove the terminal of the short-circuit cable from the distribution board, separate all its cores, and connect a capacitor in series in one distribution cabinet to make the other section grounded, so as to ensure the operation safety of the whole line. After power on, the resistance of the short circuit point will be greatly reduced. The new circuit becomes a capacitance circuit after capacitance treatment, which is relatively stable on the whole. During the whole power on process, the capacitor will limit its current. From the power point, the clamp ammeter will measure along the whole direction according to its detection principle. Using this detection method, the overall fault range will be gradually reduced, so as to finally determine the short circuit point. From the overall working time, the use of capacitive current limiting detection method greatly shortens the line maintenance time and improves the overall maintenance efficiency.

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