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How to Make 15W Solar Street Light Waterproof

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As a new power energy, solar energy meets the requirements of today's environment-friendly life, and the popularity of 15W solar street lights also meets the needs of road lighting. But the 15W solar street light has a circuit, so we must do a good job in the process of using waterproof, otherwise once the 15W solar street light line water, it may cause the short circuit of the street lamp, resulting in leakage or not bright and some other problems. So how to waterproof the 15W solar street light? 

How to Make 15W Solar Street Light Waterproof

The waterproof of 15W solar street light is generally done from several aspects:

1. Lamp cap

2. Controller

3. Battery

Here are three ways to make 15W solar street lights waterproof:

1. Waterproof lamp cap

The sealing of 15W solar street light cap must pass the standard. The waterproof treatment of lamp cap can ensure the service life of street lamp. Therefore, the selection of shell of street lamp is very important.

2. Controller waterproof

When choosing, we must pay attention to whether the 15W solar street light controller style has waterproof performance. When the controller is installed, it is generally placed in the interior of the road, so as to better avoid the wind and sun.

3. Battery waterproof

15W solar street light battery is to have a certain degree of waterproof performance, for the installation of the battery, the battery is buried in the ground under the street lamp, about 40 cm, so as to avoid flooding.

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