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Maintenance of 15w Solar Street Light Panels

View: 38103/25/2020  

After the 15W solar street light is installed correctly, it is automatic and maintenance-free. However, in some specific areas with special climatic conditions, our lights still need some necessary maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the system. For example, in dry, dusty and rainless areas, a lot of dust will accumulate on the solar panel, which will greatly affect the power generation efficiency of the system; in cold, snowy and frozen areas, the solar panel will be covered with ice and snow, resulting in the reduction of power generation or even the inability to generate power. Some precautions about the daily maintenance and inspection of 15W solar street light panels, whether unit users or household users, hope to help everyone in the use of solar panels.

15W solar street light

1. Check whether the battery panel is damaged. Find out and replace it in time.

2. Check whether the connecting wire and ground wire of the battery panel is in good contact and whether they fall off.

3. Check whether there is heating at the junction of the combiner box.

4. Check the battery panel bracket for looseness and fracture.

5. Check and clean the weeds around the battery panel that covers the battery panel.

6. Check whether there is any cover on the surface of the battery panel.

7. Check the bird droppings on the surface of the battery panel and clean them if necessary.

8. Identify the cleanliness of the panels.

9. In windy weather, the battery panel and bracket shall be inspected.

10. In case of heavy snow, the battery panel shall be cleaned in time to avoid snow and ice on the surface area of the battery panel. 11. In case of heavy rain, check whether all waterproof seals are in good condition and whether there is water leakage.

12. Check whether animals are entering the power station to damage the battery panel.

13. In hail weather, the surface of the battery panel shall be inspected.

14. The temperature of the battery panel was measured and compared with the ambient temperature.

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