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The Advantages of Integrated 15W Solar Street Light

View: 44603/26/2020  

The working principle of the integrated 15W solar street light is the same as that of the traditional solar light. The difference is that it has a light head, a battery, a controller system, and a control system to control the charging and discharging mode. All of them are integrated into a light head, and the lead-acid battery will be replaced with lithium battery, which is easy to install and light in weight.

15W solar street light

Advantages of integrated 15W solar street light: 

1. The integrated solar street light adopts the integrated design, which is simple, fashionable, light and practical; 

2. Solar power is used to save electric energy and protect earth resources; 

3. The infrared induction control technology of the human body is used to make the light dark and light, to prolong the lighting time; 

4. The high-capacity and long-life lithium battery are used to ensure the service life of the product, Generally, it can reach 8 years of service life; 

5. It is safe, waterproof and reliable; 

6. It is easy to expand timing, voice control, and other functions; 

7. It uses alloy materials as the main structure to prevent rust and corrosion.

Advantages of integrated solar street light installation: 

1. It can be installed independently without trenching, embedding and backfilling, saving construction costs; 

2. It is extremely convenient to install without additional pulling wires; 

3. It is easy to install, maintain and repair with the modular design concept, without professionals; 4. It is unnecessary to purchase power capacity increasing equipment, saving the cost of corresponding supporting equipment; 

5 . the solar light can realize full-automatic control without personnel management and save management expenses; 

6. Ask for energy from the sun, do not use conventional electric energy, and save operation expenses; 

7. It is easy to maintain, without an electric shock accident, and safe to use.

The cost advantage of integrated solar street light 

1. The biggest advantage of integrated solar street light is to save expensive installation, construction, and commissioning, as well as product transportation costs, usually, only 1 / 5 of the cost of the traditional light, if it is exported to foreign countries, only 1 / 10 of the cost of traditional split solar street light is needed. 

2. The integrated solar street light has 8 years of super long life. It is the world's first lithium battery management and control technology. Compared with some common battery products that need to be replaced in two years, the cost of after-sales service and component replacement of the integrated solar street light in the future can be greatly reduced. Generally, the battery or maintenance does not need to be replaced in 8 years, even when it needs to be replaced in 8 years, because of the unique production Product structure design, without technical support and the guidance of engineers, users can complete the replacement in just a few minutes.

Integrated solar street lights usually do not need to pay attention to anything, they just need to avoid trees or high-rise buildings, to avoid the installation of sun shelter.

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