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The Influence of 15w Solar Street Light​ on Health

View: 39303/25/2020  

The influence of 15W solar street light on health is not only the spectral composition of the 15W solar street light source but also the electromagnetic radiation of lighting driving part, noise, the glare of light source or light, stroboscopic of the light source, the safety of light, etc. Therefore, it is found that there are harmful wavelengths in the spectrum, but it does not mean that there must be adverse effects on health. These light sources may have been accompanied by people's work I have been working and living for many years.

15W solar street light

The basic components of all lighting sources are red light, green light, and blue light. The influence of blue light on the human retina has always existed, and will always accompany human life. As long as we learn to avoid and use scientifically, the harm of blue light can be controlled within the safety value.

Incandescent light: high-intensity infrared ray can also cause cataract if it irradiates eyes directly for a long time. Incandescent lights have been phased out because of their low luminous efficiency and high energy consumption. But from a health point of view, incandescent light has little impact.

Metal halide light: it is widely used in commercial lighting, especially in jewelry stores and clothing stores. The metal halide light contains ultraviolet and infrared rays. The high color temperature metal halide light also contains more blue light components, which is harmful to human eyes. The long-term and close use of a metal halide light will cause skin color spots.

Before the emergence of LED lighting source, because of the good lighting effect and high color rendering of metal halide light, and there is no alternative light source, this problem is rarely mentioned Jewelry counter lighting solves the problem of ultraviolet and infrared radiation. However, many jewelry lighting uses LED light source with higher color temperature, which results in the influence of blue light on retina more than that of a metal halide light. At present, the metal halide light is still widely used and needs to be used reasonably.

LED white light is the white light produced by mixing the chip which produces blue light inside the light bead with the yellow fluorescent powder-covered on the chip.

LED lighting source has many advantages over traditional light sources, which is the development direction of the lighting source. We have already entered the LED lighting era. However, if we don't pay attention to the influence of blue light in LED lighting on human eyes, the "blue light harm" will exceed that of metal halide light and fluorescent light, and the high color temperature led light source will lead to the "blue light harm" more serious, "Blue light hazard" is produced in the lighting environment without any awareness, and only under the scientific use method can the safety be guaranteed; the most important thing is that the light source producers need to have this basic knowledge.

"Blue light hazard" is a public health problem, and the product information should include these contents. The blue light radiation detection of LED lighting sources is the only method to identify safety products. It should be noted that the LED lighting source does not necessarily mean that there is "blue light hazard", and the blue light radiation amount and radiation time are the premise to identify "blue light hazard".

The higher the power of LED lighting products, the higher the harm of blue light. Generally, when using LED light sources above 20W, pay attention to the installation height. The higher the installation height, the less the harm of blue light.

The blue light radiation of the LED lighting source decreases with the decrease of color temperature. The low-power LED light source with a color temperature of 3500k-2800k meets the national standard. The white light with a color temperature above 6500k has the effect of blue light radiation. It is inconceivable that most of the LED lighting sources produced in China are products with high color temperature;

With the increase of color rendering, the amount of blue light radiation decreases. The increase of color rendering means that the phosphor needs to absorb more blue light radiation energy and excite a wider spectrum. Therefore, the high color rendering index LED lighting source is relatively safe.

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