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Do Not Misunderstand 20W Solar Street Light

View: 37803/23/2020  

1. Blindly pursue the high brightness of the 20W solar street light

We all know that different occasions have different lighting standards, and the pursuit of high brightness blindly is not only a waste, but also may cause harm to people. Therefore, first of all, we need to confirm the lighting needs and then choose solar street lights that meet our own needs.

20W solar street light

2. Nominal power and service power of the 20W solar street light

Because the solar street light can be controlled intelligently, the power can be adjusted automatically in different periods according to the requirements, so its use area and rated power are different.

3. Price based products

Price reflects the combination of cost, quality and brand value. It is closely related to the configuration, the ultra-low price solar street light products will not be guaranteed to use, but the ultra-high price solar street light system is bound to have configuration beyond the use requirements or virtual high components and waste funds. There is a difference between the actual service life and the data nominal life. Generally, the nominal life of LED can reach 100.000 hours, but the solar street light system is composed of solar panel, battery, controller, light pole, light source, etc., among which the life of solar panel is 25 years, the life of the battery is three to five years, and the life of solar street light controller is two to five years.

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