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Different kinds of solar street light, which is right for you

View: 17002/14/2020  

There are many kinds of solar street lights, different types, and different scenes they adapt to. For example, the integrated automatic solar street light and the split solar street light are different in structure, but they are not only different in structure. When we understand their differences, we will know our requirements better and reduce some trouble.

automatic solar street light

1. Split solar street light

This kind of street light can be said to be the most common one among the solar street lights, with the widest application range. No matter in the road twice, or in the square District, this kind of street light is very practical. Moreover, for the places that need lighting in the garage, the split type street light is also the most suitable one, because, in this way, the solar battery panel can be placed under the sun to receive the light, and the light source can be placed inside, convenient for lighting.

So when we don't know what kind of solar street light to choose, there is no big problem.

Besides, it should be noted that the street light of the split type also has an external battery to store electricity and discharge. In the past, the lead-acid battery was often used. This kind of battery has a large volume, small capacity, poor discharge depth, and poor efficiency. Not many of them are lithium iron phosphate batteries, with excellent performance in all aspects. When installing, it should be noted that the light pole should not be installed It's too short. Don't bury it too shallow under the ground to avoid being stolen.

Due to the separation of the components, the configuration of the components also has higher flexibility. It can be easily designed according to the lighting requirements, which is very practical for those areas with long rainy days.

2. Integrated automatic solar street light

In our life, many of the things we come into contact with tend to be smaller, more refined and more functional. From the appearance of integrated street lights, there is only a light head. The light head has included solar panels, light sources, and batteries. The integrated design and appearance are more concise.

This kind of street light is still very simple to install. Unlike the split type street light, it needs complex assembly, wiring and so on. It can be put on the light pole. The street light of this structure is generally designed to be more intelligent, which can better adapt to the lighting scene, such as light and dark, and can effectively save the storage power and increase the efficiency of the light.

However, it should be noted that the larger the area of the same battery board is, the higher the photoelectric conversion efficiency is, and the capacity of the battery is proportional to the volume. Therefore, for the integrated street light, the volume is limited, and the area of the battery board and the volume of the battery will be limited, so it is not suitable for some places with high lighting requirements, and can only be used for some matching Where the requirements are not too high.

Besides, there is also a kind of hoop type street light, which is often used in places with ready-made light poles. For such places with installation requirements, the integrated street light is more suitable and can adapt to this environment well.

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