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Tricks of Unscrupulous Solar Light Manufacturers

View: 19102/12/2020  

Tricks that unscrupulous manufacturers like to use

1. Change concept

Praise good 20W solar street light, good batteries, good solar panels. Even big brand the lights are also divided into different levels. Only suitable ones are good. At the same time, use the integrating sphere to measure the light efficiency, you will know whether it is good or not. The battery of iron and lithium is very good, but most of the batteries that are dismantled with old batteries are not better than those of ternary lithium. Lithium batteries do a good job of protection plate protection, and will not explode. No matter how good the solar panel is, there are also processes and standards made by manufacturers. The measured starting power is a positive solution.

2. Steal index

The index of 20W solar street light is very large, but the actual use is very small. It's hard to see if it's not professional. It can only be detected with instruments or other manufacturers' cooperation. Therefore, we should pay attention to the price difference when we pay a cent for goods.

3. Step on the same path

Businesses say they are good and step on the quality of their products. Don't believe it easily. Only the actual measurement is true. A lot of peers have low prices. In fact, they steal indicators. Basic manufacturers make batteries, 12V / 1Ah is not less than 7 yuan, and the cost can only be pulled down by stealing indicators. So don't believe in boasting.

 20W solar street light

How to judge the quality of products

1. Compare brightness and light uptime. Brightness is difficult to define by naked eyes, only integrating sphere can accurately measure the luminous efficiency value. The brightness is roughly compared with the naked eye.

2、 Using a phase, the basic instability scenario can expose problems in less than 1 month.

3. Open the battery box and look at the battery. Measure whether the capacity is up to the standard. A full charge with a charger, then discharge with a large load, with time and discharge power, can calculate whether the battery capacity is the specified index. Now all battery measurements are based on full and empty, and any tester is not accurate.

4. Comparing the size of solar panels, the basic size can also be used as a simple judgment method to determine whether to steal or not. Or the power can be calculated by measuring the current and voltage against solar energy.

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