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Choose suitable height of a solar street light

View: 2802/11/2020  

How many meters is the suitable installation height of a 20W solar street light?

We usually don't care about the installation height of 20W solar street light when we buy it, but general street light reminds you here that you should master some things well. After all, you won't be cheated until you master the knowledge.

20W solar street light

1. Light distribution mode of general roads (arrangement mode of solar street lights). When the width of the road is not more than 15m, the single side lighting is usually used.

2. If the light distribution at the intersection is T-junction, it is better to set the light on the opposite side of the end of the road, which can not only effectively illuminate the road surface, but also help the driver identify the end of the road.

3. The lights hanging in the center of the intersection often use a red lampshade to attract the driver's attention. In the complex traffic intersection, to attract the driver's early attention, changing the type of lights or the type of light source (that is, changing the luminous flux of lights) in the nearby road section also has a good effect. The design illuminance standard of intersection is higher, generally not lower than the sum of several intersection road illuminance standards. If the illuminance standard of the intersection road is quite different, the driver's drop from the bright area to the dark area is large, because the human eye has "dark adaptation".

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