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The significant advantages of solar bollard light

View: 20702/10/2020  

After years of development, street lights have been getting rid of the monotony at the beginning. Their functions, shapes and other aspects are becoming more and more changeable, and their application scope is becoming wider and wider. They are not only used for road lighting, such as the popular solar bollard garden lights nowadays but also have their shadows in squares, parks, docks, and other places. They are part of the modern landscape, the beauty to the environment.

solar bollard garden lights

Compared with ordinary solar street lights, there is no difference in the structure and basic components of solar bollard garden lights, which are mainly composed of solar panels, controllers, batteries, LED light sources, light poles, ground cages, etc. if the difference is hard to say, it probably lies in the production of light poles and light caps.

Considering the decoration function of the solar bollard garden light, when designing, we will pay more attention to the modeling problems of the lightpost and the lightshade, as well as the color of the light source, so that it can give people a visual beauty with its unique and bright appearance in the daytime, but it will not rob the host of the noisy guests and the charm of the surrounding scenery, but complement each other and make the scenery more moving.

At night, the light will not be dominated by neutral colors like those on both sides of the road, but choose appropriate colors according to the feeling required by the environment, such as blue, yellow, purple, green, etc., or gorgeous and romantic, or fresh literature and art, or hazy and ambiguous, to set off the space more abundant and layered.

So, in general, what are the significant advantages of solar bollard light?

a. With solar energy as the power source, you can work where there is light, which can reduce the pressure of electricity, save energy, and have no worries about a power failure or power rationing.

b. The standard configuration is generally led light source, which has a high utilization rate of electric energy and is a cold light source. It will not produce carbon dioxide and other harmful substances in the process of lighting like a high sodium light or low sodium light. It is pollution-free, more environmentally friendly, and has no radiation.

c. The voltage is low, generally only 17.5V or 36V. Compared with the 220V of commercial power, safety is still very high.

d. During the installation, only one foundation pit needs to be dug for cement base, and a large number of pits need not be dug to bury cables, so as to reduce a lot of previous tedious work.

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