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Misunderstandings about the Solar Street Light

View: 21802/07/2020  

There are misunderstandings about the 15W solar street light

15W solar street light

It has been more than 10 years since the promotion and application of solar street lights. During this period, solar street lights have been installed in many parts of the country or solar street light demonstration projects have been built. However, judging from the current situation, people have different opinions on solar street lights, and there are still misunderstandings in people's understanding of solar street lights. 

One of the most important is that the life of the solar street light is short. Many streetlights fail to light up within one or two years after they are built. Apart from the objective factors such as poor project quality and poor product quality, the loopholes in the later maintenance and management of streetlights are also the reasons why streetlights fail to light normally. When the government departments invest in street lights, they listen to the one-sided advertising of the suppliers and think that the solar street lights need not be maintained after they are completed, so many solar street light projects will be ignored after they are completed. After one or two years of operation, due to the expiration of battery life or other reasons, the street lights cannot be normally illuminated, which often occurs in rural areas or demonstration projects. After the completion of street lights, there is no clear management department. When there are problems with street lights, they quarrel with each other, resulting in the impression of short life of solar street lights. Therefore, no matter what kind of energy a street light is built, it must be maintained and managed correctly to ensure its normal operation. To eliminate people's misunderstanding of solar street light, we should not only turn off the engineering quality and product quality but also make scientific and positive publicity and education on a solar street light and solar energy knowledge, so that people understand the working principle of solar energy products.

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