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How to choose solar street light pole?

View: 20602/07/2020  

It seems that the light pole supporting the light source and the battery panel has little influence, but, no matter in its height, quality or some details, the 20W solar street light pole is exquisite. Let's see how to choose our solar street light pole.

20W solar street light

1) Height requirements

The height of the light pole determines the illumination of the street light. When selecting, it should not be careless. The height should be determined according to the width of the road. For example, the height of one side street light ≥ the width of the road, the height of two side symmetrical street light = the general width of the road, and the height of two sides zigzag street light is at least 70% of the width of the road, to bring the best lighting effect.

Besides, we should also take into account the traffic flow on the road. For example, it is more appropriate to have more light poles for large trucks, which can be shorter if there are not so many light poles for large trucks. Of course, this high and short handle should not deviate from the standard, and it is terrible to not see the consequences of the lighting.

2) The material requirement

Material is also an important standard for selecting the solar street light pole, which will directly affect the service life of the street light. Now the common light pole is made of Q235 rolled steel. The anti-corrosion performance of this material itself is not very good, so the surface often does some processing to enhance its performance.

For example, hot-dip galvanizing or cold-dip galvanizing, compared with the two treatment methods, the anti-corrosion performance of the pole after hot-dip galvanizing treatment is better, so it is recommended to choose the pole treated in this way when purchasing.

Besides, some of the solar street light covers we often see now are made of stainless steel, and the anodized poles have excellent corrosion resistance. However, compared with the steel poles in terms of price, they are not so friendly. We can choose them according to our specific budget.

There are also cement poles with long service life and high strength, but they are more important and inconvenient for transportation, so most of them are leftover from the former electric poles or street light poles, which are very suitable for the split type street lights. To give full play to their residual value, they are more environmentally friendly.

3) Requirements for thickness

In addition to the above two aspects as the focus of consideration, some details can not be ignored, such as the wall thickness of the light pole, whether the light pole has enough wind resistance capacity, enough load-bearing capacity, and it has a lot to do with it, so the wall thickness should be determined according to the specific scene of solar street light installation.

For example, for 2-4m street lights, the wall thickness should be at least 2.5cm, for 4-9m 20W street lights, the wall thickness should be at least 4-4.5cm, and for 8-15m street lights, the wall thickness should be at least 6cm. If the area is windy all year-round, the wall thickness value should be larger.

In a word, we should pay attention to all kinds of details when choosing street lights. In the early stage, we will understand all aspects of the scene of installing solar street lights. In this way, it is convenient to determine the requirements of convenient configuration of street light poles and bring us the most comfortable and safe lighting effect.

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