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Why the price of the same solar street light varies

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Many customers like to ask directly how much 6-meter solar street light costs, how much 8-meter solar street light costs and so on, but from the perspective of the solar street light industry I have been engaged in for several years, this method is unscientific, maybe you can get an approximate amount description, but a strict solar street light scheme and quotation should be made according to the following points:

15W solar street light

1. The customer's project location, i.e. the place of use, needs to inspect the local sunshine conditions. For example, the same 6-meter-15w solar street light source lights for 6 hours a day to ensure 3 continuous rainy days. This requirement is different because the project location has different sunshine and the configuration required is different, which is the so-called "buy right, not expensive".

2. Different lighting time and configuration every day.

3. What are the guaranteed rainy days? You think, 3 consecutive rainy days and 6 consecutive rainy days, the configuration size must be different, so the price is naturally different.

4. The height of the light pole (that is, the height from the light source to the ground) and the height of the light pole are different, so the power of the light source is different, and the price is naturally different.

5. The requirement for brightness is not high. Many customers ignore this point. Even if the same 15W solar street light source is made by different manufacturers, the brightness of the light source is also different. Or the same 6m light pole is made by different manufacturers. Some manufacturers give you 30W and some manufacturers give you 15W, so the price is different.

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