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Avoid trap of buying solar street lights

View: 19902/06/2020  

Let's analyze the working principle of solar light firstly. The solar light is a kind of light that uses the solar panel to convert the light energy into electric energy, stores the electric energy in the battery, and then supplies power to the LED light source through the battery to provide lighting. The reason seems very simple, but solar lights involve a series of electronic devices such as photovoltaic panels, controllers, batteries, LEDs, etc,

From the first incandescent light to an energy-saving light and then led light, the brightness and price of light are measured by the wattage, and these lights are connected to the grid voltage of 110V or 220V, which we call "municipal power". However, the products with the same appearance suddenly changed the way of energy supply. At one time, many people could not accept the measurement of the original products by other units, which led to the confusion of the overall cognition.

20W solar street light

So the question is, can the so-called 20W solar street light achieve the same brightness as the same type of street light 20W with the mains supply of 220V? It is very difficult for a 3.2V battery pack to discharge at 20W. Moreover, the so-called battery discharge power is also calculated, because there is no equipment to measure this parameter. Therefore, many sellers use the power of the light beads to give the solar energy standard wattage.

Finally, again, when you buy a 20W solar street light, in addition to the so-called "power", you must look at the parameters of other accessories of the manufacturer, such as the power of the solar panel (this determines whether your solar light can be fully charged, the higher the power of the solar panel, the more expensive the price is), the battery capacity (this determines how long your solar light can work, and the more battery capacity Large, higher cost), LED light source chip brand and quantity (this determines the brightness of the solar light), system controller (this determines the whole light life of the solar light). 

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