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How to judge the quality of solar street light?

View: 18502/05/2020  

How to judge the quality of 20W solar street light?

1. Compare brightness and light uptime. Brightness is difficult to define by naked eyes, only integrating sphere can accurately measure the luminous efficiency value. The brightness is roughly compared with the naked eye.

2. With one phase, the basic instability scheme can expose problems in less than one month.

3. Open the battery box and look at the battery. Measure whether the capacity is up to the standard. A full charge with a charger, then discharge with a large load, with time and discharge power, can calculate whether the battery capacity is the specified index.

4. Comparing the size of solar panels, the basic size can also be used as a simple judgment method to determine whether to steal or not. Or the power can be calculated by measuring the current and voltage against solar energy.

20W solar street light at night

Here the category of solar street lights

1. 5W-15W inductive solar street light. This light is sensitive to the human body and has high-cost performance. Of course, many businesses publicize it as 20W, 40W and 60W solar street light, which are all deceiving. How can a small solar panel generate 60W of electricity? In fact, the maximum small capacity is 20W, which is deceiving no matter how high. This kind of small light is used in rural areas and other places, which is not bad. Just make sure to generate electricity towards the sun.

2. 20W-50W inductive solar street light. This light is sensitive to the human body. Real power, increased configuration, so that it can be used in rural areas where long endurance is required, and the cost is also low.

3. 20W-80W regular solar street light. This light is more commonly used product, but most manufacturers steal indicators. A little less solar panels, a little fewer batteries, a lot of profits. Indicators can only be compared and tested. It's hard to see them with the naked eye, that is to say, indicators are stolen.

4. 20W-80W integrated solar street lights are mostly used for the export of foreign trade projects. They are easy to install. After being fixed, they can light up, saving the cost of manual installation.

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