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Hardware design of street lamp controller

View: 14701/14/2020  

LED solar street light system structure

LED solar street light system, it can be seen that it is composed of solar cells, street lamp controllers, batteries, municipal power supply and LED street lamps. The solar cell is used to convert solar energy into electric energy, that is, the solar cell charges the battery in the daytime, and judge the brightness according to the voltage at both ends of the solar cell. That is to say, judging from the voltage of the solar cell, the sky is dark and bright. The battery is the energy reserve equipment of the whole solar energy system. During the day, the solar battery charges the battery. At night or rainy days, the system and load electricity are provided by the battery.

Hardware design of 15W solar street light controller

15W solar street light controller is the most important part of the solar street light system. Its function design determines the operation of a solar street lamp system. The street lamp controller needs to realize the following functions: according to the brightness of the sun, disconnect the LED street lamp during the day to charge the battery, supply power to the street lamp through the battery at night, and adjust the power in different periods, automatically switch to the municipal power supply system when the battery is insufficient; prevent the battery from overcharge and over-discharge, and have the short-circuit protection and reverse connection protection functions. The main functions of the single-chip microcomputer include detecting the voltage at both ends of the battery and adopting different charging modes according to different states; judging the day and night and switching the charging and discharging modes of the battery as well as switching to the mains power supply system. There are many circuit modules in the street lamp controller, such as power module, reset module, clock module, etc., while the voltage detection module, battery charging and discharging module and switching module are more important for the whole controller to the whole solar street lamp system.

15W solar street light

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