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Solar Street Light Configuration

View: 16201/13/2020  

According to statistics, taking a medium-sized city as an example, if more than 50000 street lamps are used instead of solar LED street lamps, the annual power saving will be nearly 100 million kWh, a total of 70 million yuan, and 50000 tons of coal and 110000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be saved in the whole city every year. Assuming that 30% of the world's streetlights turn to solar LED integrated lighting systems, these measures can roughly reduce 260 million tons of global carbon dioxide emissions and 460 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption. These figures are equivalent to India's annual electricity consumption, half of Japan's annual electricity consumption or a quarter of China's annual electricity consumption.

20W solar street light at night

According to the fact that 2000 administrative villages in a city have been surveyed and installed with solar street lamps, 20 sets of 20W solar street lights are installed in one village. The power generation capacity is about 1.2 million kWh, which is equivalent to saving more than 480 tons of standard coal, 336 tons of ash and slag, 900 tons of carbon dioxide, 36 tons of sulfur dioxide and 6 tons of inhalable particles every year. This is a real contribution to the rural green ecological construction.

Solar lamp is an automatic control system, as long as the working model of the system is set, it will work automatically. A solar street light is an ideal road lighting lamp. With the improvement of people's lives and the continuous development of society, it will be widely used, so that the light given by the sun to the earth will be used for human lighting at night.

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