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Research on Intelligent Automatic Solar Light

View: 18001/09/2020  

With the rapid development of social economy, the electric energy consumption of urban street lamp is large, the utilization rate is low, and the efficiency is not high. With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, urban construction needs to provide an intelligent automatic solar street light that can reduce lighting time and power consumption, and also reduce management expenditure. Solar street lamp integrates two technologies of solar photovoltaic power generation and led solid-state lighting. Compared with the traditional lighting tools, it has great advantages. It saves the tedious cable equipment, and also saves the investment of human resources. It has a low cost, high return, and considerable effect.

automatic solar street light

Development status and trend of intelligent street lamp control system

Due to the policy support and the factors of the wide market and relatively high profit, LED lighting in the municipal area has become the competitive position of major LED application manufacturers. To avoid homogeneous competition and improve the added value and influence of products, research and development of an intelligent solar street lamp control system have become the first choice of differentiated competition. After several years of development, there have been dozens of companies specializing in the research and development of street light control system in China, and large LED lighting manufacturers at home and abroad have also vigorously carried out the research and development of lighting control system and built many demonstration bases throughout the country.

Operation principle of intelligent automatic solar street light control system

During the operation of the solar street lamp control system, the constant current load output is determined mainly by collecting the voltage of the solar photovoltaic panel. Once the system detects that the voltage of the solar panel is higher than the rated voltage of the battery, the MPPT charging mode will start automatically. At this time, the STC MCU calculates the maximum power point through the variable step conductance increment method through the sampled voltage and current value of the solar panel and adjusts the charging voltage of the solar panel through the duty cycle of PWM signal to achieve the best charging powerpoint. When charging, check the battery to prevent overcharging. When the voltage of the solar panel is reduced to the specified value, the system will automatically stop charging and enter the segmented constant current load output control mode. At this time, according to different voltage values of the solar panel, the duty cycle of the PWM signal is controlled by the boost of the discharge circuit to control the output current of the load output circuit.

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