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Split Solar Street Light or AIO Solar Street Light?

View: 20401/08/2020  

Difference between split solar street lamp and AIO automatic solar street light:

1. Power size: including solar panel power and lamp head power, as well as the requirements for the controller and battery, etc.

2. Shape difference: the courtyard lamp structure is generally designed with an artistic sense and beautiful shape, while the shape of the street lamp is relatively monotonous and simple.

3. Work requirements: compared with the yard lamp, the integrated intelligent street lamp is the lighting lamp of the primary traffic trunk road. There are requirements of relevant standards for the contrast degree, light distribution and other parameters, while the yard lamp has no special requirements.

automatic solar street light

Advantages of AIO automatic solar street light

1. Choose solar power to save cost, like 15W solar street light 

2. Select infrared induction control skill of human body, intelligent control power, extend lighting time.

3. The alloy material is selected as the main body of the lamp, which has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion function.

4. The lamp body is planned to be dust-proof and waterproof. Safe and reliable, accustomed to a variety of environments.

5. A modular planning concept is selected to facilitate device maintenance.

6. There is no need to embed pipelines to reduce labor costs.

7. The weight is simple and the construction is simple and convenient.

8. Suitable for all kinds of transportation, paving, community road, yard, mining area, industrial park, rural and hard to pull electric field.

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