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Main Parts of solar street lights

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Solar Street Lights Composed By:

1.    Solar panel

2.    LED lamp

3.    Solar controller

4.    Battery and battery box

5.    Pole and brackets for panel

6.    Wires and screws


Detailed info as below:


Solar Panel: The solar panel has a photovoltaic cell inside, which converts solar energy into an electrical current. Solar panel's effectiveness depends on the size and quality of the solar cell and the transparency of the protective cover/glass. 

There are 2 types of solar panel: mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline.


Solar Battery: Battery will store the electricity from solar panel during the day and provide energy to the fixture during night. The life cycle of the battery is very important to the lifetime of the light and the capacity of the battery will affect the backup days of the lights. There are usually 2 types of batteries: Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery and Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery.


Solar Controller: Electricity from solar panel go through controller to charge into battery, and control battery to discharging, basic function with overload control, over charge control, over discharge control and so on.


LED lamp: LEDs chips are fixed on an electrical circuit board. LED is usually used as lighting source of modern solar street light, as the LED will provide much higher Lumens with lower energy consumption. The energy consumption of LED fixture is at least 50% lower than HPS fixture which is widely used as lighting source in Traditional street lights.


Pole: Strong Poles with hot deep galvanized are necessary to all street lights, especially to solar street lights as there are components mounted on the top of the pole: Fixtures, Panels and sometime batteries. And wind resistance should also be taken into consideration when choosing the pole.

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