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After-Sale Service of LTE

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After-Sale Service Of LTE

LTE guarantees the customer for a period of three years from the date of B/L.

LTE will, at its option, repair or replace any LTE’s solar products that is defective for a minimum of three years after the date of B/L.

General Rule:

In order to regulate our company to monitor products after-sales service, establish a well-known brand in the world, make the responsibility clear between LTE and related users, we formulates this rule.

Detailed Rules of Maintain:

1We take 3 years warranty for all our products. The beginning date of warranty is from date of B/L.

2During the normal warranty periodany problems of quality caused by LTE, our company will maintain for free.

3.  Under normal circumstances, any quality problems caused by LTE, our company will provide maintenance services free of charge.

4 Within warranty period the following situations will implement the paid service:

4.1  Because of wrong installation, operation, or breakdown or damage (including

surpasses working load) caused by operator under the working conditions which is not stipulated.

4.2  The injury is caused by demolition, repair and modification without the permission of our group.

4.3  Injury caused by natural and man-made force majeure or other force majeure after the purchase.

4.4  The product label is destroyed or the production date is modified.

4.5  For the reason of the wrong packing or fault of freight transportation company, our company find the goods which need maintain are in physical damage already as soon as we receive them (in this case, customer and freight transportation company make solution themselves ).

4.6  The outer cover is damaged with scratches and breakage or too old, customer who returns the goods to the factory requiring to exchange the cover to make it new.

5 Over the product warranty repair:

5.1  We will charge the replacement cost of accessories.

5.2  Any products over the warranty period, our staff will send the maintenance-related bills to customers by email, confirmed by the client to determine to maintain or not, after confirmation, customers transfer cost of maintenance to our designated account, after the maintenance fee arriving, we will send the products which has been repaired.

5.3  Product which is over the warranty, after confirmed by our technical department that damage is too severe or for other reasons, causing it can not repaired, we will return the original. For the replacement of other models of similar products, customer may make up the price difference replace the new machines

6.  Product Maintenance days:

6.1  LTE promises to respond with customer’s questions within 24 working-hours. 

6.2  LTE promises to give technical support if customers need when doing installation.

6.3  For the problems need our technical people go site, we will function within 30 working days.

Return and Replacement Rules

1. Return: We do not accept goods to return as long as they are sold, except the two situations below:

1.1  Due to design flaws of product in itself causing users can not use normally, and confirmed by our technical staff.

1.2  In the warranty period, if the product has been maintained many times, but still show the same problems and unable to be totally settled.

2Replacement: We accept exchanging the goods as the following situations:

2.1 The customer receives when the product has the quality problem.

2.2 Due to our sales staff problem sending wrong products against to requirements of customers.

Regulation of the goods freight 

1. Payment of normal service transport expense: To save costs better, maintenance freight of goods are in the following manner based on the principle of mutual respect:

1.1 Both sides will pay the transport expense respectively when sending the repaired goods

1.2 In line with the principle which respect mutually, both sides before consignment should confirm the mode of dispatch and the place where fetch the cargo, make it the principle that it is convenient for the opposite party to fetch the goods.

1.3 Our company returns the repaired goods by the same transportation way as the customer, except special circumstances.

2. Payment transport expense which is not in scope of normal maintenance. Regarding the products which is not in scope of normal maintenance, the bidirectional transport expense will be paid by customer, under special circumstance both sides negotiate to settle.

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