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How to choose solar street light models?

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outdoor led solar street light

solar street lights for home

Customers should know below some points before buying & designing & installing outdoor led solar street light: 

1. Where is the final installation area?

Country name? Province & State name? or even the city name? An accurate design must based on using place’s solar radiation. Different places will have different solar radiation hours. Based on same LED Power with higher solar radiation will get lower product cost. Areas with lower solar radiation will get higher product cost. We reference weather data from NASA to suggest you best configuration. 

2. Lighting time/Backup?

An accurate design also should know lighting time per night. Longer hours will get higher cost, and of course, shorter time get lower cost. Some customers just need 4 hours per day, some need 6 hours, and sometimes 12 Hours if needing whole lighting. We usually recommend 8-12 hours together with half power mode, so that can light whole night and save energy in battery.

And for backup at rainy or cloudy days, if you want the light still lighting at rainy or cloudy day, you need tell us how many backup days you need? We usually suggest 1-3 days as backup.

3. Pole height?

Usually from 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, Higher pole will need bigger power LED to lighting the road, so pole height is important for designing solar LED street lights. And customers should tell us pole height range before you ask us to quote.

4. Road width?

If you dont konw what's the height of pole, then you can tell us what's the width of road, then we also can following this data to configurate it for you.

5. Anything you think is helpful to the design, tell us please.

The more we knows on your project info, the better we will do for your designs.

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