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How does solar street light works?

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1.       Dawn: The voltage from the solar panel raises and gets higher than it was during the night. When a certain voltage threshold is reached, the controller will detect it and turn off the light. The solar battery will then being to be charged which is from the discharging to charging status.

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2.       Day time: At the daytime, the solar panels will convert the solar energy from the sun into electricity which will charge the battery. The intelligent solar controller charges the battery and control the current to ensure that the battery is not overcharged.

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3.       Night time: The voltage from the solar panel is lower than the pre-set value. After the controller recognizes this situation, it will control the electricity from battery to light the lamp fixture. The light will stay on all night until the sun rises and the cycle is completed.

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4.       Dusk: As the sunsets, the photocell that is built into the panel will sense the voltage drop as the panels are no longer taking a charge. The battery has been charged throughout the day and is now ready to discharge and provide electricity for the lamp and turn it on. If there is inclement weather, there are at least three days backup for our system.

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