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  • Name: 40W wind and solar hybrid street light(LTE-SSL-040H)
  • Brief Specification:
    Brief Specification for 40W Wind and Solar hybrid LED Street Light with 8m pole, designed based on average solar radiation condition 4.5KWH, Lighting hours: 10 Hrs/Day and 3 rainy days ...
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    • 40W wind and solar hybrid street light(LTE-SSL-040H)
    • 40W wind and solar hybrid street light(LTE-SSL-040H)
    • 40W wind and solar hybrid street light(LTE-SSL-040H)


40W wind and solar hybrid LED street light

40W/24V LED lamp

60W/24V solar panel

300W/24V wind generator

10A/24V wind-solar controller

80AH/24V GEL battery

120/24 type underground battery box

8m galvanized pole with arm and brackets.

Detailed technical parameter:

Detailed  for 40W wind and solar hybrid LED street light
Working Time:10 hours/day, 3 rainy or cloudy dasy backup
Component NameTechnical Parameter for components
40W/24V LED lampLED Power:40W
Power Voltage:24VDC
Total Lums:4600lm
Color Temperature:6500K
LED Quantity:1W*40PCS
Luminous efficiency:140~150Lm/W
IP Protection:IP65
Illumination Area:22*8M
LEDs chip:BridgeLux from USA
Light transmittance:≥90%
60W/24V Solar panelNominal Power(W):60W/24V
Type of cell:Mono or Poly
Cells efficiency:17.88%
Maximum power(W):61.5W
Voltage at max power(VMP):35.38V
Current at max power(IMP):1.70A
Open circuit voltage(VOC):43.21V
Short circuit current(ISC):1.98A
300W/24V wind generatorRated power(W):300W
Initial wind speed(m/s):1.5M/S
Cutting wind speed(m/s):2.5M/S
Rated wind speed(m/s):12M/S
Safe wind speed limited(m/s):35M/S
Working voltage(W):24VDC
Blades quantity:3
Working wind speed range(m/s):3-20M/S
Rotor diameter(M):1.2M
Wind turbine type:PMG
Wind-solar hybrid controllerMax Wind Power Input(V):300W
Max Solar Power Input(W):200W
Input Voltage(V):24V
Floating Charge(V):28V
Over Voltage Shutdown(V):32V
Over Voltage Recovery(V):31V
Under Voltage Shutdown(V):21V
Under Voltage Recovery(V):24V
Standby Current(MA):40MA
Output Power(W):300W
Output Vac(V):100/110/220/230/240
Output Voltage Regulation:± 5% typical
Output Frequency:50/60 Hz
Output Waveform:True Sine Wave
80AH/24V GEL battery(80AH/12V *2)Nominal Voltage(V):12V
Dimension Length(MM)329MM
Total Height(MM)221MM
Capacity 25℃ (77℉) To 1.70V/Cell20 hr rate:92AH
10 hr rate:90AH
5 hr rate:72AH
1 hr rate:46AH
120 Type battery boxMaterial:PP(120/24)
7M glavanized pole(with 1.2m arm and brackets)Standard height:7M
Top diameter(MM):76MM
Bottom diameter(MM):155MM
Anchor bolts(MM):4*M18*600MM
Hot dip galvanized thickness not less than 80um

Working principle:
1. LED solar street light relies on solar energy, which is clean, endless and environment-friendly.
2. The system is mainly composed of solar panel, light source, controller and free-maintenance battery.
3. In daytime, when there is sunshine, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. At night or rainy or cloud condition, the battery shall supply power for normal lighting.
4. The controller can judge the brightness of daylight and automatically switch on the light. The whole process is operating in completely automatic mode, without human action.


How to choose models from LTE-Solar?

1).the power of your required LED light?
2).the height of the pole?
3).how many hours/night the light can work?

Second: If you have no idea on the above question, please inform us below:
1). What's the width of road?
2). What's your request on the power of the light source?

The Third:
Please choose your favorite model from our website or the catalogue.

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